Hello world!

Its not about the spectacular sunrise, the trip around the world, the perfect home, the body shape, the career, the bank balance, the status or this blog … its about this moment. I’ve read (and re-read) the books on being present, attended the meditation courses, discussed it endlessly… but it was on an ordinary day during my recent travels that it actually sunk in. This is the only moment that exists. I will never have this moment again. And by continuously worrying about tomorrow, next week, next year – I’m missing this moment. This is it!

Welcome to my blog! This is my journey, and some of the lessons that I’ve learnt. Some very simple, some practical, and some life changing. I’m still learning…!

6 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Love it…the feel and the peaceful aura surrounding your words. Go girl, need to have some more, so get blogging!!! Hugz

  2. Hey girl

    SIen uit om te lees. Ek en Rudi en Richard het ook nou ‘n blog as jy wil kyk. Ek het ‘n entry geskryf oor ‘n show wat ek gaan kyk het in Grahamstad by die fees laas week. Onthou jy toe ek en jy daar was MANY moons ago. DIt was darem great!! Onthou jy dat ons Johannes Kerkorrel gan kyk het 🙂

    Ons adres is https://headquartersa.wordpress.com



  3. Hi! Finally 🙂 Sien uit daarna om meer te lees. Hier is vir jou nog een: “Wherever you go, there you are.”

  4. Everything written above is very evocative heart, you better identify yourself and your hobby, so they can work with very happy, and the future will be happier

  5. I just loved your read! I think Im on the same journey at the moment and you and your travels have just manifested some real affirmations. Looking forward to more! xx

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